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Top 15 Spookiest and Haunted Places in India

There are so many places across India which are known for its unexplained mysteries and paranormal activities such as unexplained noises,shadows,smoke and mist. Due to above unexplained activities these place are known as Haunted places in India and no one wants to go and stay there after the sun set. Vrindavan Society Thane, Golconda Fort Hyderabad and Taj Mahal Hotel of Mumbai are few places which are known for paranormal activities. Here is the list of Top Haunted and Spookiest Places in India, known for many unexplained mysteries.

1 Bhangarh Fort – Ajabgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan
Bhangarh haunted places in India

It is the most haunted place in India and almost in the world. It is the only place which is the officially recognized as the ‘most haunted place‘ by the Government of India. It is strictly prohibited for anyone entering into the fort after sunset. Bhangarh Fort is the famous place for paranormal activities as reported by the Times of India.

2 Ramoji Film City - Hyderabad
Ramoji haunted places in India

It is a big film city in Hyderabad,(like universal studios) the hotels in Ramoji film city are haunted. They say that the film city is built on war grounds of the Nizam sultans. Witnesses report the lights kept on top keep falling off, the light men- who sit with the lights on top have been pushed so many times and many have had grievous injuries.

3 Tunnel No. 103, Shimla
Tunnel haunted places in India

This famous town of Himachal Pradesh has been the favorite background of numerous horror stories and there seems to be a good reason for that. Tunnel no.103 is one such place; allegedly the current owner of this damp, dingy tunnel is the ghost of British Railway Engineer, Colonel Barog, which merrily chats away with anyone who walks in with a question.

4 Dumas Beach, Surat- Gujarat
Dumas Beach haunted places in India

Situated along the Arabian Sea in Gujarat, this beach is known for its black sand and mystical activities. Many unexplainable and puzzling incidents have been known to occur like strange whispers being heard, people disappearing during night etc.

5 Dow Hill in Kurseong – Darjeeling
Dow Hill haunted places in India

The Haunted Dow Hill of Kurseong has a lot of attractions such as beautiful Deer Park,Forest Museum and many haunted stories to tell. The corridors of the school and the forest woods are known for many paranormal activities. Kurseong is connected to the city by road and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

6 Delhi cant - Delhi
Delhi cant haunted places in India

The Delhi Cantt is full of green lush trees and forest, Area area around Delhi Cantt is said to be haunted by a vengeful spirit of a lady. Delhi Cantonment is the most eerie place in the capital of India.

7 GP Block – Meerut
GP Block haunted places in India

GP Block is one of the haunted places in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is located in the city of Meerut. As per the tales of local people, four boys were sitting inside the house with a single candle light. They were drinking beers.

8 National Library, Kolkata
National Library haunted places in India

There have been so many instances of supernatural occurrences at the National Library, Kolkata that even the guards are sceptical about night shifts, even though they may not open up to the media about it. Ghosts of labourers who died building the library have been spotted. Long ago, there was a student who entered the library to do his research but never returned. A lot of people say that every morning, letters and papers are found scattered on desks in the library.

9 D'Souza Chawl Of Mahim, Mumbai
D'Souza Chawl haunted places in India

D’Souza Chawl is the most haunted place in Mumbai as well as in Maharashtra state. As per the tales of the residents of this chawl, a woman has lost her life in the well when she was trying to get water from the same well.

10 Kuldhara – Rajasthan
Kuldhara haunted places in India

The village of Kuldhara is popularly known to be a deserted ghost village that has been abandoned since 1800s. It is said to carry a curse of the villagers who vanished from there overnight, after having lived there for over 7 centuries.

11 Bengal Swamps – West Bengal (Aleya Ghost Lights)
Bengal Swamps haunted places in India

Ghost lights have been spotted several times in the marshes of West Bengal. There is no possible explanation for these mysterious lights that a lot of fishermen have been spotting. They believe that the lights are signs that there exist spirits of fishermen who may have died on those areas.

12 Writer’s Building, Kolkata
Writer’s Building haunted places in India

Kolkata was the major center of power during British rule in India. To accommodate junior writers and clerks, British Government built writer’s building as the official residence. It is located on the center of the city i.e. BBD Square, Kolkata. It is currently used by the Government of West Bengal as the secretariat of the state.

13 The Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota – Rajasthan
Brij Raj Bhavan haunted places in India

The Brij Raj Bhavan Heritage Hotel has turned to be a Haunted Place of Kota in Rajasthan. Many Paranormal activities makes it as one of the top haunted destinations in India.

14 The Church Of Three Kings, Goa
Church Of Three Kings haunted places in India

The 3 Kings Church is situated on the hill of the Cansulim village in the South Goa. This church is famous for the feast of the three kings. The celebration is also held on 6th January of each year. Three Kings Church is mostly visited by the local people and a few tourists.

15 Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai
Sanjay Gandhi National Park haunted places in India

What makes this is one scary is the fact that every day hundreds of Mumbaikars stroll along the green expanses of this National Park. Apart from the news about wild animals devouring people in a second, there have been reports that suggest the presence of the spirit of a hitchhiker.

Haunted Places that just missed out on this list but are also reportedly haunted:

The Shaniwarwada Fort, The Vridavan Society, Jatiga(Assam), Raj Kiran Hotel, Sanjay Van, Agrasen ki Baoli, Gujrat Technology University(GRU),Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, South Park Street Cementery, Lambi Dehar Mines, Grand Paradi Towers, The Savoy Hotel, Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary, Bombay Supreme Court, Feroz Shah Kotla, Malcha Mahal, Lohaghat, Lothian Cemetery, Jamali-Kamali-Masjid.

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