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Nightlife in Chennai

Chennai is a well known metropolitan city in India and best known for its people. The warmth and hospitality of the Chennaiites are known to the one who visits this culturally rich place. But what most of us don’t know is that this place has some of the most amazing clubs, discos and bars. Nightlife in Chennai, though not as entertaining as other metros, still has a lot to offer. The city is in the new era of nightclubs. If you are a music lover or a party lover and looking for innovative themes for nights, Chennai is a place to be.

The nightclubs, pubs and local bars in Chennai are the chosen hot spots for wearied mobs to unwind and have a blast. All said and done, the pleasure of Chennai nightlife is not only limited to youngsters as there are many entertaining cultural delights which proudly showcase the richness of the city. With a number of cinema halls, theaters and cultural academies catering to a host of entertainments in the dark hours of night, the nightlife in Chennai promises to be a fun experience for one and all.


The ever-growing nightclubs in Chennai strive hard to remove the conservative tag of the city. Almost all the nightclubs of the city have the power to mesmerize you with its musical numbers ranging from the peppy desi numbers to the rocking western music. Apart from its elevating music, the sparkling dance floors compel the non-dancers to tap their legs to the lively tunes. Hell Freezes Over (HFO) is one of the popular nightclubs of the city, which is noted for its spacious and electrifying atmosphere. Some of the other exciting nightclubs of Chennai are Flame Le Club at GST Road, Havana Nightclub at Alwarpet, Sparks in Hotel Savera, near Mylapore.

Bars & Pubs

Nightlife in any city is incomplete without its bars and pubs. With a good number of booze bars to its name, Chennai attracts quite a good number of crowds every evening who hit the lounge bars to chill out and have fun. Considering the varied interest of the regular vistors and tourists, these lounges entertain you with its good dose of hip-hop, house and desi numbers and great drinks. Dublin at Hotel Park Sheraton is popular for its soft lighting, minimalistic design and of course tasty drinks. Some of the other noted pubs and bars of the city are Sangaree at Ashok Residency in Ayyapanthangal, Arcot Bar at GST Road and Bamboo Bar in Hotel Savera.

Cultural Feast

Chennai, the land of culture, is popular all around the world for its classical music and Bharat Natyam dance. There are many academies and theaters that hosts several classical programs to enrich the locals and tourists with the rich culture of the state. Some of the performances are free while others are charged accordingly. Whatever the costs are, visiting these cultural feasts definitely helps you to get the insight of typical south Indian dance and music and spend a leisure evening in the lap of traditional culture.


Being the home to Kollywood, cinemas are one of the most preferred forms of entertainment here. The people here are self sworn movie buffs and love to spend their evenings by watching Tamil films of their favorite stars. Apart from the conventional cinema theatres, the city is flooded with number of multiplexes and air conditioned cinema halls, which attract huge number of working professionals and students. Some of the popular cinema theatres in Chennai are Inox Multiplex at Chennai City Centre, Satyam Multiplex near Whites Road and Casino Cinema Hall near Mount Road.

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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