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Tips on readjusting to Indian culture after living away

Tips on readjusting to Indian culture after living away

In today's global world, people move and live in many places in their lifetimes. Sometimes, people move away, become an expat, and then move back, or repatriate, to their hometown or home country. In the case of India, Indians who have left India and return are classified as NRIs (Non-resident Indians).

For some NRIs moving back to India can become more challenging than moving away to a foreign country. This article focuses on tips on readjusting to Indian culture after living abroad. These tips are especially useful for NRIs in America.

1.Do not assume India is the same as when you left

Some things may be the same, but not everything. This tip is especially true for those who left as college students and are returning after years of studying, working, and living abroad (married or with a family). In the span of the last decade some aspects of culture, daily lifestyle, mindset toward spending money, entertainment, nightlife, and other aspects have changed. The lifestyle of even those in your own generation may have changed dramatically since you left. Life has gone on, and things are not exactly the same since you left. Keep this in mind as you adjust back.

2.Be ready to adjust to a new work culture.

Though many people have returned to India, bringing back jobs from foreign companies to India, do not assume this means that the work culture has 'westernized.' This may vary from city to city and company to company, but overall do not assume that moving back to India and working for an American company means you will have the same work culture as when you lived abroad.

3.Be ready to have people size you up!

Of course every culture has their own ways to 'size up' a person or figure out where that person stands in the social totem pole. But in India, people are not afraid to ask probing questions at all angles to find out intimate details of your life that in America people would shy away from asking. Most likely the privacy and seclusion you had abroad will be difficult to maintain in India.

Be aware that these differences can and do cause culture shock and cultural adjustment issues for some NRIs. Though NRIs may have at one point may have found America "a land of opposites" as compared to India, moving back to the once familiar is not so easy as it seems. Culture shock can set in quickly and deeply and affect your success in readjusting to your own country that you once called your home.

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