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Apart from US These Countries Also Restricting Entry of Indian IT Professionals

Restricting Entry of Indian IT Professionals

The shocking report has been published in the Times of India after a study published on the issue by the Nasscom about the restricting entry of Indian IT professionals into other countries apart from US.

The danger of entry of Indian IT professionals on foreign countries is not just limited to the United States but in other countries as well. These countries include Australia, Canada, New Zealand and China, according to the report published in the Times of India.

The report says that the Indian IT professionals have to face various visa curbs as well as hard rules while applying for the visa in these countries.

Even though the government has started to review the matter after a study published by the Nasscom, the works by the government is against various commitments made by the countries in the trade agreement with India as well as the World Trade Organization. The study by Nasscom also says that there is huge difference between the commitments made by the country and number of visas actually provided.

The report says that countries can easily bypass the trade agreement as there is no certainty over the number of visas, which a country should apply to the Indian IT professionals. Study by Nasscom says that only US has mentioned specific type of visa H1, in the trade agreement, although there is still no word in the category of technology, communication as well as information.

It is happening when India is trying to make permanent trade agreement with countries in ASEAN as well as New Zealand, Australia and China through a comprehensive economic partnership agreement. However, countries are in no mood to ease the visa rules for the Indians. On the other side, these countries also offering increased duty cuts to the goods imported by India.

Various companies in different countries such as Indonesia have also not signed the social security agreement, which allows the contribution even after the employee transferred to India. The report also said that the outdated definitions of the Indian IT professionals also one of the important drawbacks in countries not allowing entry of the Indians.

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