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British-Indian couple launch awareness drive in memory of daughter

Couple Launches Allergy Awareness Drive

The Indian-origin couple had lost their daughter due to anaphylaxis, which has become the only second case in the UK of the death due to the disease. The couple has started the awareness drive in memory of their daughter.

An Indian-origin British couple has launched a allergy awareness drive in memory of their daughter, who had died due to severe allergic reaction due to dairy and blackberries.

The couple has also established a non-profit charitable trust, Nainika Tikoo Memorial Trust for Allergy care and Brain Research, which is named after their daughter. The NGO is working in to promote and research the cure for various allergies.

Even though the trust is going to be launched in Britain, they have plans to spread it all around the globe, including their origin country, India, where lot of research is still needed in the healthcare sector.

Lakshmi Kaul and Vinod Tikoo had lost her daughter, who became the only second recorded case in Britain of anaphylaxis due to blackberry. The couple had to take the decision of removing her life support, which was on for six days.

The awareness drive has got a huge popularity in countries such as India, Canada, Australia, United States, Czech Republic as well as Britain.

The trust eventually plans to continue raising adequate funds to pour into research projects and establish a 'Gold Standard in Allergy Safety'.

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