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How Can NRIs Help In Promoting Indian Culture ?

How Can NRIs Help In Promoting Indian Culture ?

The NRIs are as much a part of India as any of the residents, being away from your country doesn’t make you any less attached to it. Since childhood we have been watching movies where the NRIs love coming back to their country and proudly call it their home and this is a sentiment that has continued through generations. The Non resident Indians have helped a lot in making our country what it is by bringing in the quality of education, technology , skills and the prowess that it requires to leave a mark on the world.

So, when the NRIs are made to feel that they aren’t doing anything for their country just because they are staying away, it couldn’t be further away from the truth. The truth is that the Non resident Indians are the ones who keep the spirit of India alive outside India too, they give us the faith that we Indians are capable of competing at international level too. And this probably how they can do it in a better way –

Make people aware of India culture – The people abroad have a very different impression of Indian culture, they are not aware of so many good aspects which make India the country it is today. Hence, it becomes the duty of the NRIs to educate their friends and neighbors about India and various good things about its culture.

The impression – Many foreigners also have a wrong impression about Indians which can be tackled only the NRIs. The people abroad will end up basing their judgement on the way NRIs behave when they go abroad and this will help India improve its image if it has been portrayed badly in the past due to the actions of a few careless Indians.

Bring your friends home – NRIs could bring their friends to India and personally take them around showing the things that they should probably know about India. Indian culture doesn’t mean talking only about the history that this country has. Culture also entails the way people live, love and celebrate even today. Showing the real picture of India by bringing other people to India will help the country in creating a new image globally.

Become a part of them and make them a part of you – The best thing one can do is to live in peace and prosperity with people around them. One should always look at the other person’s culture with respect and share his/her own culture and make others a part of it. If the NRIs can help spreading the Indian culture in this fashion, then Indian culture will never be misunderstood or forgotten in any part of the world. This will also help Indian culture to learn from other cultures.

No matter where one lives, he/she should always be proud of their country and the culture that they have been brought up in. The culture is essentially a way of life and that is what defines all of us. Our Indian culture shows the world what kind of people we are and the world should look forward to interacting with us and that can happen only if our fellow Indians, who are settled in abroad, will help us in spreading our culture to all the corners in the world. Let’s get together and spread our culture and show the world how rich India is in terms of people, culture and traditions.

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