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Voting Rights And Procedure For Non Residents Indian | Voting rights to NRIs


NRI Voting Rights in India - Read about the voting rights of NRI and Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill, 2010 as per which the person will be able to exercise the franchise only if he or she is physically present in their constituency on the polling day.

There are about 25 million NRIs who are staying outside India, away from their homelands. Many of them are living in countries where the rights of the immigrant workers are vastly limited. Many of them work in extremely harsh conditions just to make some more money to make a better future for their family. It should ideally be the responsibility of the Indian Government to take enough care of these citizens who are living impoverished lives in foreign lands. It is the responsibility of the Indian Constitution to give them their rights so that their voices could be heard, so that they can choose a right Government back in their own country who can stand for them in the time of need in the foreign lands. Furthermore, many of them have their families living here. They, like any other Indian citizen, would like their children growing up under good education systems, their parents to be treated in good medical institutions. So giving them their right to choose the correct leader is recognised by Constitution.

The good news for all such Non Resident Indians is the government has allowed them to vote and take active part in the electoral process of their country of origin.

The government has issued notice for the registration of overseas electorates under the Representation of People Act, 1950. According to the provisions of the Representation of the People (Amendment) Act, 2010, an Indian national who has not acquired the residency of any other country and is otherwise an eligible voter, can register himself in the constituency that falls in his place of residence as mentioned in his passport.

How to apply for voter ID card

The NRI can apply for voter ID card online without visiting the Electoral Registration Officer in India.The Government through the Election Commission has made these provisions so that NRI voters can apply online for voter ID card.

The NRI can file the application for voting in a prescribed Form (6A) before the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of the constituency within which residence falls as mentioned in the passport.

The application can be presented in person before the ERO or can be sent via postal mail addressing the ERO concerned.

The main requirement for processing such form is one recent passport size coloured photograph, photocopy of relevant pages of the passport containing photograph, residence details and other particulars. The page of passport containing the valid visa is also required to be attached.

If NRIs are sending the application by post, they must assure that it must contain duly self-attested copy of the passport and all the documents mentioned in Form 6A.

If NRIs are submitting the application in person, the original passport should be produced for verification. The registration details of the ERO will be informed to the applicant by post on the address in the overseas country given in form 6A and also by SMS on the mobile number given by him in form 6A.

Once enrolled, the NRI becomes an electorate can cast his vote in person, at the polling station in the country of his residence and where he is registered as an overseas electorate.

Indian government has made electoral process simple for NRIs so that they can take part in the elections held in their home country and can also participate in the national development process.

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