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8 Valentine's Day Mistakes You Wouldn't Want To Commit

8 Valentine's Day Mistakes You Wouldn't Want To Commit

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you have come to this article, then we know you are looking to impress somebody. Now while we can’t guarantee you that you are going to have the best Valentine’s Day ever, but we can help you from making it a complete disaster. Here are a few things you want to avoid to make sure your Valentine’s Day goes well:

You Refuse to Celebrate

Chickening out of celebration puts a damper to the spirit of the day. Call it a commercial ploy or something you think as a mindless ritual, your partner is bound to have expectations and you cannot give this special day of love a miss.

You Forget to Make Dinner Reservations

Don’t talk about treating her to the fanciest of restaurants without making prior reservations. Mind you, decent places are booked well in advance and you should perhaps block a table weeks before the day.

You Show Up Under Dressed

Even though decking up and getting into your black-tie suit is not how you roll for special days, we suggest at least show some thought while picking up the outfit. A casual T-shirt with khakis would do but make sure to add a formal blazer to it, or may be a red tie or socks or a bow tie. She’ll notice these small gestures.

Red Roses Were Out of Stock, You Went for Yellow Roses!

Remember yellow roses stand for one thing, and that is for friendship. And yellow, in no way, is a welcoming choice of flowers for Valentine’s Day. Avoiding the traditional set of red bouquet is perhaps one of the most non-luring and unflattering gestures anybody could possibly attempt.

Letting a Teddy Bear Do Your Bidding

Your girlfriend wants to be treated like a lady and not a child. So until and unless she hasn’t specified, do not gift her soft toy please.

Tickets For Two to a Cricket Match

Mark this gift under the category “Never to be gifted to any woman’. You cannot possibly ignore her wish of watching the play she wanted to for a long time, or a movie she has been eyeing on and replace it with tickets for a cricket match, a gift best suited to your individual interest.

Buying Her an Emergency Present Available at the Nearest Drugstore is Worse Than Not Buying Her Anything

If your beloved accidently finds out that this is what you have resorted the gifting ritual to on Valentine’s Day, we are sure you will witness aftershocks. Don’t insult her by the cheapness of the gift, simply because you didn’t plan it ahead.

Treating It as Any Other Day

This day is reserved to express your love for your sweetheart and acknowledge his or her importance in your life. Even though we would wholeheartedly recommend that you keep up with the gesture of love for the rest of the 364 days of the year, but make sure this day gets the special treatment it deserves.

Get acquainted with these mistakes and have a lovely V-day, champs!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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A Smart Gateway to India…You’ll love it!

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