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First Valentine's Day Gift For Your New Girlfriend

First Valentine's Day Gift For Your New Girlfriend

Love is in the air so much so that you can almost feel it. This Valentine’s Day is even more special for those guys who have just fallen in love. Choosing a gift for your new girlfriend is not easy since you don’t know much about her yet. It is important that you choose a simple gift as a token of your heartfelt love rather than buying a very expensive gift. Here are some ideas to buy gifts for your ladylove.


Girls have a fetish for perfumes and you will always find a bottle of body spray in their handbags. Perfumes are a safe bet when you are buying gifts for your new girlfriend. Floral or citrus smells are best suited for Valentine’s Day.


Who doesn’t love chocolates? You can give your girl a decorative box of chocolates. Every time she takes a bite of it she will think of you. Gifting a chocolate cake with her name written on it is another great idea.

Gourmet Coffee

To bring back sweet memories of the day when you first met her in the coffee shop, you can gift her a packet of high-end gourmet coffee. You can also give her roasted coffee beans or ground coffee so that her cup of mocha will be ever-special.

Bottle of Wine

Red is the colour of this season so you can gift a bottle of red wine to your lady. You can ask her friends to find out the kind of wine she likes, but if you think it can spoil the surprise then rely on your own taste.

Fun Activity

You can gift her some ‘quality time’ this Valentine’s Day. Take her out for a rock concert if she loves music or if she is a movie buff watch a romantic comedy together. Be creative if you are planning a day out with her.

Candlelight Dinner

All restaurants will be pre-booked for this day so you have to book your table quite in advance. If your girlfriend is a foodie then pre-order a sumptuous feast for her. A candlelight dinner will make her feel special.

A Portrait Signed by You

This is the most romantic gift you can give to any girl. If you are great at sketching then make a portrait of your girlfriend and write a few lines of a love poem or a song. Your signature is a must.

The gift shops are full of Valentine’s Day merchandise and you can have your pick. These are some innovative ideas to make your gift choosing task relatively easy. Remember to pour out your heartfelt love and passion while giving her the gift to really show that she is the ‘love of your life’.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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