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Impress Your Valentine With Your Sartorial Sense

Impress Your Valentine With Your Sartorial Sense

The wind is blowing softly, the waves are lapping against the rocks, and you kneel down wearing your ‘classic’ crisp white shirt and faded blue jeans, and utter those three magical words while looking into the eyes of the woman of your dreams. Sounds like a perfect proposal. But such life-changing moments, unlike popular belief, need to be created. And only a ‘flawless proposal strategy’ and Prince Charming traits can make her say ‘yes’.

To cast a love spell on her, just pay some attention to your sartorial sense and she will immediately give you her heart. You can look and feel your best in any of the below-mentioned dress styles.

Semi-Formal Look

Opt for the simple yet classy semi-formal attire. Pair up your formal pants with a V-necked knitted vest, and instead of wearing a tie, go for a scarf. If you love wearing jeans or corduroy then wear a simple T-shirt and a sleeveless jacket to look timeless yet versatile.

Sexy ‘Nerd’ Look

If your girl loves intellectualism, then you can safely opt for the sexy ‘nerd’ look. Take inspiration from Johnny Depp who carries it off well. The black-rimmed glasses are an essential part of this look and need to be chosen according to your face type; don’t forget to pair it up with casuals. To accentuate your look, just read a few lines from Pablo Neruda’s poems and get ready to watch your girlfriend swoon.

Sun-Kissed Beach Look

If you love a ‘breezy’ romance then proposing at the beach is a good idea. Go for a well-ironed, clean pair of knee-length shorts and T-shirt since crumpled up clothes can mar your entire look. You can also add a straw or felt cowboy hat, if you want to heighten the ‘sun-kissed’ look.

‘Guy Next Door’ Look

Girls appreciate innocent beauty and the chocolate boy look fits the bill. Get inspired by clean-shaved, cute looks of actor Imran Khan to win over your sweetheart.

Intense Gothic Look

Is your girlfriend a big fan of the ‘Twilight’ Saga? If yes, then surprise your Bella Swan with a gothic Robert Pattinson look. Let your intense eyes and unreasonably good looks do the talking. Apply some cologne and keep your attire basic as Gothic always doesn’t mean dressing up for Halloween. If your sweetheart loves style experiments, you can don an all-black outfit. Apply a hint of kohl to make your eyes look intense.

Fairytale Themed Look

You can also draw inspiration from fairy tales to select the perfect attire for this special moment of your life. The look suits best if you are arranging themed parties for your princess, who will soon become your queen. Be the ‘Prince Charming,’ but make sure the dress is not too gaudy. Otherwise you might end up looking like a circus acrobat.

Vintage Appeal

The ‘Darcy look’ is quiet popular among girls who have seen BBC's production of Pride & Prejudice, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Mr Darcy was brought alive by Colin Firth’s brooding, mysterious looks and had girls drooling over him. This mature look is not only sober, but also has a timeless appeal to it. Rock the ‘Darcy look’ with a hint of mysterious smile flickering on your face.

Rock Chic

Leather jackets are never out of fashion. So, ditch the norms by donning a ‘rock chic biker’ look; it is both smart and fun. Set your hair with styling gel, put on your leather jacket and complete the look by wearing ankle length boots. Your girlfriend who till date has seen you only in casuals, will be surprised with your new avatar. Don’t forget to wear your aviators to get a jaw-dropping response.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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