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Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the globe as a symbol of love. It is marked in the memory of Saint Valentine who was a Bishop in the reign of Emperor Claudius. He favored love over war and killings which became the reason for his death. This is why every fourteenth day of February is marked as the Valentine’s Day.

In India, amidst much opposition from the right wing activists and some orthodox religious orders, Valentine’s Day is celebrated widely across all states. So, if you have somebody you love, and want to make this day a very special one for him or her, take your beloved out for a vacation. Where? This is all this article is about. We are going to disclose the best 10 destinations in India to spend your time with your beloved.

A passionate kiss, a bouquet of red roses, a cute soft toy, candle-lit dinner with soft music playing in the background and a warm hug, is this yours plan to celebrate the love month-February? Think again! Valentine’s Day is a festival of love but there is much more than just love what young couples are looking for on the occasion. And that’s the privacy, the relish of being together alone away from the rest of the world.

A romantic escape amid the green valley or just two of you holding hands walking barefoot on a white sand carpet will definitely be a great holiday idea on this Valentine. And if you are just looking for romantic getaways in India only then there are numerous among which you can just select as per your choice (some of the top places to go on Valentine are mentioned below) and give a lovely pleasant surprise to your beloved.

1. Puri

Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

Puri beach is a famous destination where you can enjoy with your Valentine this season. Each time of the day on this beach is awesome and with early sunrise and sunset you are going to feel great. You can look over at the unending, mighty Bay of Bengal all through the day and in the evening. It is not too costly and you can avail hotels for a reasonable price here.


Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

Situated far away amidst the turquoise blue water, a romantic voyage to Minicoy, the southernmost lagoon of Lakshadweep, is definitely meant for those love birds who want to enjoy their personal moments away from the maddening crowd bustle. It is no doubt that Minicoy is an exotic Valentine’s Day destination full of hues-blue water, white sand and colourful reefs. The place gives you enough space to just enjoy ‘only you’ moments in a sensuous way.


Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

There are many beautiful things linked with Ooty that makes it one of the most romantic escapes for Valentine’s Day. Don’t just visit this hill station because of its Bollywood invasion but you should if you want to fill your love life with unforgettable romantic memories. Panoramic surroundings, pleasant weather, whispering bird sounds, beautiful sights and rejuvenating breeze all together makes Ooty a good choice to celebrate the festival of love. Don’t just miss the charm of train ride or enjoying trekking or hiking.


Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

It will take around 6 hours to reach Nainital, one of the most famous hill stations in Uttarakhand, from Delhi. Its closeness with the national capital city is a great point in making it a well-known getaway for any occasion. And during February, the place is truly a paradise for honeymooners and romantic couples. Perched high at 6,358 feet above sea level, it is understood to have scenic vistas all over but along with them, Nainital has some great attractions and lots of exciting things to do also. Some lucky among you will also get glimpse of white snow carpet during Valentine.


Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

Why not give your partner a white surprise on this Valentine? Take her to Manali and feel the warmness of love amid the snow-covered peaks. Its incredible weather will definitely spell the much-needed magic on you and fill your life with romance. Everything about Manali is charming and impressive, whether it is its tranquil and pristine beauty or exciting activities like skiing, paragliding or trekking. Love birds can also journey to Shimla from Manali or vice-versa as it is hardly a 5 hours ride.


Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

You might like to visit Rishikesh in the spiritual Ganges river which is on its full flow at this place. Love adventure? Go for river rafting through the greenery and the rocks. You can find various camps here and stay with your Valentine enjoying each moment together.

7.Rann of Kutch

Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

In Gujarat, this is a place of desert. A desert? Yes and a desert where you can spend memorable moments with your beloved. The Rann appears to be white and looks awesome when you have a view of it in the night time with moon shining. It would be terrific with your Valentine in your arms. Right?


Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

This is a great place to visit with your beloved this Valentine’s day. As the name suggests, it is actually a home to the clouds. You will feel being at par with the sky and the more you spend time together here the greater bonding you will have with each other. Don’t miss out the Living Root Bridge which is a of UNESCO heritage site. They are bridges made of trees and may be more than 100 feet long. And yes! They are strong. Also, you can spend your time in the splendid caves of Meghalaya. Go out and discover this beautiful place together.

9.Andaman Islands

Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

Just as Lakshadweep, Andaman island is another isolated place outside the mainland of India. But it is too full of life and energy. Awesome beaches and coral reefs floating on the great Bay of Bengal will leave both of you in astonishment and you are going to be in one of the best places on the earth. Besides solitude for both of you, this place can be happening and memorable for a lifetime.


Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

When it comes to best places to go on valentine day in India, Shimla emerges always as one of the most sought. Good connectivity with various cities of North India, especially with Delhi, adds a spark in the number of tourists thronging the place. For couples, Shimla is full of excitement and love. Excellent excursion points, striking dramatic views of mountains and clouds, delicious local food, great shopping stuff and a bustling Mall Road as well as moonlight strolls across the town, there is something dreamy with Shimla. There are also lots of good accommodation properties.


Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

Dotted with fantastic vistas, Munnar instills a feel of romance in your life and make you fall in love, it doesn’t matter whether you are married or not. Stroll around holding hands in the mist covered tea gardens or listen your heartbeats amidst the roars of waterfalls or just watch the honey glaze spread on the horizon while standing in a Titanic pose and let your heart sing…

“I’ll be your dream, I’ll be your wish, I’ll be your fantasy.

I’ll be your hope, I’ll be your love be everything that you need.

I love you more with every breath truly madly deeply do”.


Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

It is worthless to think about romantic Valentine’s Day destinations in India without mentioning Goa. A journey of about 8 hours from Pune and around 10 hours from Mumbai will take you to this wonderland. Sea, sun and sand; bikinis, babes and beauties; party, dance and music, let’s go wild and party throughout the night!!!!!! If you are the one who loves to be a party freaker then Goa is meant for you. Go out, wander its historical treasure, enjoy jet skiing, surfing and dolphin rides or simply lay back at the beach just to enjoy each other’s company. Being internationally renowned, there is no shortage of world-class hotels and resorts.


Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

Who can escape from the eternal allure of verdant valleys, crystal clear blue lakes and the snow-capped peaks of Kashmir? For romance, there is no place seemed so breathtaking than it and that’s why Kashmir is one of the top valentine day holiday destinations in India. A shikara outing on Dal Lake with just two of you in each other’s arms is enough to cast that special magic of love between you. Let your expressions take the course and follow swiftly with them in the lap of nature. Do enjoy the famed Kashmiri delicacies and folk dances.

14.Port Blair

Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

A calm and not-so explored destination of India; rather it is good to call Port Blair an off-beaten romantic escape tucked away in the tranquil blue waters of Bay of Bengal. If you seem to give your valentine celebration a very private and grand affair then Port Blair is an excellent choice to throng. Calm surroundings, white sand beaches, lip smacking seafood, slow paced lifestyle and most important affordable accommodations with luxurious set up are the highlights of Port Blair.


Most Romantic Places To Go On Valentine Holiday In India

How about an idea of expressing your feelings to the one you love in between the dramatic dunes of Thar Desert? Amazing!!! Bikaner is a city of magnificent palaces, forts and castles but there is a quixotic side too that is equally fascinating and colourful. A camp accommodation in middle of the desert adorned with dance performances by local artists and relishing the taste of Rajasthani flavours under the bright canopy of stars seems more memorable than just simply staying indoors. It will take only 5 hours to reach Bikaner from the state capital city of Jaipur, another major tourist destination of Rajasthan.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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